“If you don’t know where you are going, you are bound to end up where you are headed.” - Chinese Proverb

Do you have a plan to achieve your financial or values-based goals?

We help you refine your goals and design the best roadmap for reaching your destination.


In a rapidly changing world, Scion Advisors is one of the best firms at developing strategies and a financial plan that translate to success.

Rob McMillan, Sr. VP, Silicon Valley Bank


2017 Oregon Wine Symposium | Creating a Sustainable Wine Business

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Growth planning


Exit planning


Happy clients

Billion $$ in incremental client revenues

What we offer

A strategy consulting firm. We have a decade-long track record of driving profitable growth for over 130 clients in food, wine, retail, food service – by leveraging a proven approach to positioning businesses for the next stage, growth or succession.

Building stronger private businesses. We are passionate about providing our clients the means to drive strategy and achieve sustained financial success, and the discipline to move to execution with less risk and potentially more upside.

Enabling clients to realize dreams and achieve better results, faster. A group of highly supportive strategic business advisors, we provide entrepreneurs and their leadership teams with the framework for becoming more aligned, knowledgeable, energized and empowered. We have a proven approach to growing and transitioning businesses.

  • Growth planning 100%
  • Succession planning 80%
  • Organization strategy 95%

Client case studies: Learn about recent projects.

Proven track record.

In a complex and fast changing world, Scion’s approach enables clients to build a new framework for the future, discover profitable paths to market and grow brands that resonate with a new generation of customers.

World class resources.

We manage your process, seamlessly assemble an expert team and work alongside you to clarify decisions and strategies.

Real world experience.

Navigating important phases of growth, we are seasoned general managers and have run businesses large and small, in a variety of industries, globally. We serve on numerous for-profit and not-for-profit boards.

Food & beverage specialists.

From hand crafted artisan products to large-scale processes and production, we have deep experience with agriculturally-based products that are marketed and sold through consumer direct, food service, restaurant, hospitality, retail and distribution channels.

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