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I recommend Scion as a key resource to any growing winery business seeking to manage transition and improve performance.

Tony Stewart, CEO, Bacas Family Estates

A strategy consulting firm, we are passionate about providing our clients the means to drive strategy and achieve sustained financial success.

Whether you are positioning for growth or preparing for exit, our tools and services give you the discipline to move to execution with less risk.

Business athletes.

We have a track record and proven approach driving profitable growth for over 130 private businesses.


We have walked in your shoes.

Our team comprises general management professionals with years of operational expertise, ranging from start up to Fortune 100 firms.


We work alongside business leaders to refine strategy, drive great decisions and execute pragmatically – building stronger, more viable businesses.


We specialize in private businesses.

Our real world experience is ideally suited to helping privately held businesses grow – with greater focus, in less time, and with less risk.


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