Gain access to essential resources.  Motivate and focus your team – while building actionable plans, execution practices and team competencies. 

Our approach has evolved from being in the trenches and working alongside chief executives during times of transition, growth and complexity: over 150 brands, across seven regions. Our tools and services give you the discipline to move to execution with less risk – whether you are positioning for growth or preparing to exit, or planning your ‘next act’ as a leader.

  • Situation assessments
  • Alternative scenario and financial planning
  • Growth strategy and planning
  • Product innovation and positioning
  • Brand, sales and market strategies
  • Operations planning
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence
  • Pre and post transaction strategic advisory
  • Next generation leadership coaching
  • Ownership and organization assessments
  • Generational continuity planning
  • Change management
  • Board structuring, launch and recruiting
  • Succession skills development
  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Leadership and organization assessments
  • Process facilitation and team alignment
  • Performance management practices
  • Change management and team development
  • Board structuring, launch and recruiting
  • Succession practices

Visioning & execution roadmapping.

Take your business to new heights . When a business experiences complexity, making time for planning may result in greater options and shorten your path to unlocking enterprise value.  We drive an efficient and pragmatic process that navigates important growth stages: from startup through maturity. We collaborate with your team in realigning direction, goals and strategies: developing alternative financial scenarios, moderating strategic working sessions and quarterly bootcamps.

The net result is A GAME PLAN FOR WINNING. We work alongside you from innovation through execution. Our approach enables your team to map out its moves to: captivate customers, outwit the competition, manage margin pressures, acquire and develop human capital and increase long-term shareholder value.

Generational roadmapping, pre & post transaction.

The focus is on maximizing returns for key stakeholders. Personal assets may be at stake. Access to growth capital may be limited. Multiple stakeholders, generational transition and governance may cause complexity. Whether selling to a third party or transitioning to the next generation - how to realize strong returns from your hard work and ensure a successful transition?

Scion has a great approach that jumpstarts the process, enables you to evaluate viable exit scenarios and develop a manageable roadmap for achieving business and ownership goals.

We have the knowledge and expertise to engage all stakeholders in driving decisions that are best for the business: manage your process, assemble a strong team and work alongside you to clarify decisions, options and strategies.

Developing operational & team strength.

The key to your business’ success is in how you lead your team through organizational change. Developing strong, future business leadership and talent is an essential step to all transitions: whether through a growth phase or generational succession. You may need to hone new skills and competencies yourself, as it is near impossible to lead a growing organization if you are not continuing to develop as a leader.  

We enable leaders to access the resources, motivation and confidence they need to accelerate their performance, re-engage teams, and drive decisions that are best for the business.


We engage you and your leadership team in envisioning an exciting future; in becoming more aligned, knowledgeable, energized and empowered; in designing and implementing the best roadmap for reaching your destination.


New market efforts require new knowledge and strategies. Scion Advisors' Needs Assessment provides insights into market and customer trends, in-depth analysis of your business, organization readiness, its financial structure, customer segments, and distribution channel opportunities. We offer strategic alternatives and work with your executive team to integrate these into a cohesive planning framework.


We work with your family and business owners to define what success means for you. We collaborate in developing a strategic framework guiding future business decisions. Through a comprehensive scenario modelling step, we understand the financial and profitability impacts of alternative future business options - bringing seemingly ambiguous family and business goals into alignment. We help you establish clear objectives that provide the foundation for planning. 

Together, we examine the state of your current business, explore options, and facilitate decision-making to develop an actionable, blue print for the future: strategic, go-to-market, financial and family continuity plans.



It all comes down to people - having the right people, in the right roles - and helping them succeed. We help owners develop both the tactical and strategic sides of your business, so that people and systems align with your strategy, goals and vision. Through coaching and introducing new performance management and governance systems, we support your team’s ability to deliver greater results.

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