Enabling wine businesses to navigate important growth stages: from startup through maturity.


With Deborah’s coaching and guidance, you will develop the capacity to achieve in three years what you set out to accomplish in ten. Once I found in Deborah someone I could trust, we went from running 6 months behind in sales, to sales now outpacing production – after to putting in place the right leaders, the right practices for our business model.’

Tom Gerrie, G2 Proprietor/ VP Winegrowing, Cristom Vineyards

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

When a business experiences complexity it is vital to take stock and engage the team in realigning direction, goals and strategies.

We drive an efficient and pragmatic process: running business scenarios, moderating strategic working sessions and quarterly bootcamps.

Focus your team.

At Scion we work side-by-side with your team and get agreement on the most effective strategies for your business’s growth stage.


Our approach enables your team to map out its moves to: captivate customers, outwit the competition, manage margin pressures and increase long-term shareholder value.

We work alongside you from innovation through execution. We also help you identify sources of funding, develop human capital and expand through M&A. 


Plans, governance, anD experienced team.

Private and family businesses can experience unique circumstances: personal assets at stake; mulitple stakeholders; succession and exit planning.

We have the knowledge and expertise to engage all stakeholders in driving decisions that are best for the business.

‘Resilience: We know we can … overcome any challenge that is presented to us.’

Deborah Steinthal, Managing Director I Scion Advisors I McMinnville, Oregon   This is a follow up to my May 2020 article, ‘How COVID-19 is making ‘warriors’ out of wine entrepreneurs’. I wrote how the events of 2020 ‘would make warriors out of Northwest wine and spirits entrepreneurs: the strong would become stronger through building...

How COVID-19 is making ‘warriors’ out of wine entrepreneurs.

Author - Deborah Steinthal, Managing Director I Scion Advisors I McMinnville, Oregon COVID-19’s toll on the wine industry is substantial, with potential long-term consequences.  Everyone’s context has been scrambled. Things are super fluid. It is impossible to guess at next week, let alone predict next year. For many these are surreal, unsettling...

17 Points on Strategic Leadership – from food and beverage CEOs

Strategic leadership consists not only of the vision element, but also encompasses other wide-ranging factors. These 17 points from successful CEOs, offer winery leaders a powerful place to start exploring strategic leadership, deepen their practice - to continue raising the bar on their business’ ability to succeed.  These CEO have also...

Fighting windmills? How to manage a constantly changing wine landscape.

U.S. Wine industry CEOs are at the epicenter of persistent and rapid change, and many feel like Don Quixote fighting windmills. So many big questions are being debated right now, mainly – How to manage through ...: 'incessant consolidation in distribution’; ‘accelerating labor squeeze’; ‘relentless regulatory changes’; ‘possible impacts from...

Success has many flavors: three winery ownership transition stories

As the U.S. wine industry matures, increasingly large numbers of winery owners are retiring[1] and are seeking to sell their businesses to third parties or to their children. Either process is fraught with challenges. For those who have successfully achieved these transitions, the financial and emotional rewards are many. Since success comes in...

Six ways to improve winery productivity and cash flow in 2018.

The wine business is not so easy anymore! I think you would agree that we are at a complex industry stage and that it is a lot harder for winery owners who want to build profitable businesses, to eventually SELL AND RETIRE. I think you would agree that we are at a complex industry stage and that it is a lot harder for winery owners who want to...

Are you stuck in a family business transition? How to move more successfully through a complex situation.

by Deborah Steinthal, Managing Director, Scion Advisors (707.246.6830) Family business transitions are even more complex today than they were for our parents three decades ago. Entrepreneurs, in particular, have a hard time transitioning out of an active business life. Their identities are so intertwined with their businesses that they typically...

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