Exit and succession services.

As 90,000 baby boomer-led businesses change ownership by 2025, many will sell. For most this is highly emotional.

They embody all that is best about our world, work tirelessly to make it better by working closely and successfully with owners; seeking solutions to their many, unique challenges; while mentoring the next generation of leaders.

Greg Ralston, (former) CEO, Chateau Montelena

Maximize returns and business value.

Scion has a great approach that jumpstarts the process, enables you to evaluate viable exit scenarios and develops a manageable roadmap for achieving business and ownership goals.

Managing a succession process.

In the case of private and family businesses, the focus is on developing strong future business leadership and talent; transitioning family members, business owners and the business team to an envisioned, prosperous future.

We manage your process, assemble a strong team and work alongside you to clarify decisions, options and strategies.

Pre- and Post-transaction.

Successful transitions shifts shareholder strategies from ‘passive’ to ‘active’ value management; support owners’ goals and timeline; are planned well in advance; and are designed to prepare the business from a buyer’s standpoint.

Scion’s transaction services allow clients to consider realistic exit options, more successfully enter a sale process and realize stronger returns from their hard work.

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